Access Site

I’ve been able to set up a cheaper domain with access to the previous projects. 

  • ANONYMOUS REVIEW podcast – AA History
  • VIRTUAL SPEAKER MEETING podcast – 12-Step Speakers
  • SPONSORSHIP podcast – 12-Step Sponsorship from people with years/decades of experience
  • RECOVERY READER – whole and in part, free download and hardcopy order option.
  • SPONSOR MAGAZINE – magazine – PDF with the three current issues. A fourth issue may appear in 2014. Maybe even a fifth. Also link to hardcopy.
  • INTRODUCTION TO RECOVERY class – the source of all of the projects, a different newcomer’s class given at the Healing Place of Wake County since 2004 with resources, techniques and 24 recordings. Research for this class became the anthology Recovery Reader.
  • TRADITIONS – Experiment in a self-education online ‘class’ to be followed as you see get. Key speakers on the history and application of the Twelve Traditions.
  • SPEAKER DISK – Experiment with a computer disk image containing various speakers which you can listen to through your computer, extract for you MP3 player or burn individually as audio CDs. ISO file.
  • ARCHIVE.ORG – direct links to the various storage sites for most of these projects on the site.

The site is updating and should be available by October 4.



Well, phooey!

The original host with which we had the Sponsor Magazine Pocket Format for smartphones only allowed five people to download the app, and that limit was passed a while ago. If you tried to get it and could not – apologies.

The new service allows as many people as may be interested to download the app. The easiest way is to go to this URL from the device on which you want to install the app (iOS or Android, I’ll have to hear about other platforms).

You can also use the handly little QR block, shown below.


Enjoy. (I hope.)

Now to find out if it works on tablets of the iOS and Android variety…