I’ve got information on a “Tools” poster from Sponsor Magazine. Doing the booklet as a fundraiser, but if people want to get a poster, I can set up a download page for the original art. Then anyone who wants one can print out the 20″x30″ through their local photo shop, WalMart photo center, or whatever. 

No money involved with Sponsor Magazine, but – I’m going to put the poster on my living room wall. Not subtle.

Information will be on the Facebook page:



The preview is 72dpi and about 900k. The full version is 300dpi and about 7Megs. Big download.

The podcast for May

The next in the Sponsor Magazine Podcast is up – #24. Scott R. continues his talk on the Fourth Step Inventory as a lifetime process. 

Web page:

Mobile page:

Free to download, free to subscribe. In fact, all of the Sponsor Magazine projects are free to download and to share.



Podcasts: four of them, details through the regular link, listed above.

I’ve been busy. I have a few books coming out that require my time and attention. The second edition of A RECOVERY READER is in the works with a new system that will make the print-on-demand version available through And i finally have time to work on the 4th issue of Sponsor Magazine.

Getting Up to Speed

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Curiouser and Curiouser

When I downloaded the Miles and Chris R. talks on Sponsorship, they were in five parts. I produced the last of the November shows and discovered that #3 and #4 were only about 30 minutes each.

So I put #3 and #4 together as #2, then Podcast #5 will really be Podcast #4.

To clean house I will produce a 1-off podcast for #5 that will keep the series on the numbering I originally scheduled. And I will start numbering podcasts at the front of each show with #5.

It does feel good that I now have shows a few weeks in advance and have set up a template production file that allows me to adjust the opening and then drop in the talks as they are needed. I also found my USB headset which will my narration better sound.

Look for a new podcast every Sunday night – right after I get home from teaching my class at the Healing Place of Wake County.

Sponsor Magazine Podcast 1 – Sponsorship with Chris and Miles R.

A five part workshop on Sponsorship from Chris R. and his brother Miles from Plano Texas. First of a new series.

The home page also has links to allow you to download all 77 of the previous podcasts for free.

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