I was set to cancel all of my web presence because I couldn’t pay the current hosting bill. Grim, but became willing.

I just got off the phone with my hosting company. As I was preparing the bullet to bite, they decided that I had been a good customer for a long time. 2004, to be exact. And they cancelled my bill for the quarter. and will still go away. They mark extra costs I cannot justify, but the cheaper will be reasonable. All previous projects are available as free downloads from (that is the three issues of Sponsor Magazine, Recovery Reader, and 107 podcasts). 

New projects will need to be reality based. And I’m not sure what that means.

But I’m really grateful for this little piece of grace in billing.




I’ve got information on a “Tools” poster from Sponsor Magazine. Doing the booklet as a fundraiser, but if people want to get a poster, I can set up a download page for the original art. Then anyone who wants one can print out the 20″x30″ through their local photo shop, WalMart photo center, or whatever. 

No money involved with Sponsor Magazine, but – I’m going to put the poster on my living room wall. Not subtle.

Information will be on the Facebook page:



The preview is 72dpi and about 900k. The full version is 300dpi and about 7Megs. Big download.

The podcast for May

The next in the Sponsor Magazine Podcast is up – #24. Scott R. continues his talk on the Fourth Step Inventory as a lifetime process. 

Web page:

Mobile page:

Free to download, free to subscribe. In fact, all of the Sponsor Magazine projects are free to download and to share.



Podcasts: four of them, details through the regular link, listed above.

I’ve been busy. I have a few books coming out that require my time and attention. The second edition of A RECOVERY READER is in the works with a new system that will make the print-on-demand version available through And i finally have time to work on the 4th issue of Sponsor Magazine.

Additional Resources

Sponsor Magazine has a page on Issu, a magazine and other publications resource site. All three issues of Sponsor, the book Recovery Reader and the 4th Step Inventory guide “Simple Directions” are all available there. And I have about 30 other publications of interest, including Six Nights with the Washingtonians, What is the Oxford Group?, Soul Surgery, Common Sense of Drinking, How It Worked and more.

This first page is a new resource, PROGRAM OF ACTION, which divides the work of the step into the individual actions necessary to ‘work the steps’. Free. Read online or download.

Addenda: Hmm. Checking the link does NOT allow you browse the other files I shared, but you can if you go to: