I’ve got information on a “Tools” poster from Sponsor Magazine. Doing the booklet as a fundraiser, but if people want to get a poster, I can set up a download page for the original art. Then anyone who wants one can print out the 20″x30″ through their local photo shop, WalMart photo center, or whatever. 

No money involved with Sponsor Magazine, but – I’m going to put the poster on my living room wall. Not subtle.

Information will be on the Facebook page:



The preview is 72dpi and about 900k. The full version is 300dpi and about 7Megs. Big download.


The App has been up for 36 hours and had 31 downloads. I guess some people do respond to the posts and emails I send out.

I’m going to expand the app and refine some of the coding – downloaders will get free update notices.

I hope it serves the need.

Well, phooey!

The original host with which we had the Sponsor Magazine Pocket Format for smartphones only allowed five people to download the app, and that limit was passed a while ago. If you tried to get it and could not – apologies.

The new service allows as many people as may be interested to download the app. The easiest way is to go to this URL from the device on which you want to install the app (iOS or Android, I’ll have to hear about other platforms).

You can also use the handly little QR block, shown below.


Enjoy. (I hope.)

Now to find out if it works on tablets of the iOS and Android variety…

Speaker in a Box for May

The Speaker in a Box podcast for May is up. It features an energetic speaker from 2007. Rick M, speaking from Shelbyville. That might be the Shelbyville in Kentucky, or the Shelbyville in Tennessee, or the Shelbyville in Illinois… or somewhere else. But we are pretty sure it was an AA meeting and someone had asked him to speak becaues of his message.

The picture has nothing to do with the podcast. It’s just something I found on the web and like. Don’t know who did it, but they should be congratulated.


The podcast for May

The next in the Sponsor Magazine Podcast is up – #24. Scott R. continues his talk on the Fourth Step Inventory as a lifetime process. 

Web page:

Mobile page:

Free to download, free to subscribe. In fact, all of the Sponsor Magazine projects are free to download and to share.



Podcasts: four of them, details through the regular link, listed above.

I’ve been busy. I have a few books coming out that require my time and attention. The second edition of A RECOVERY READER is in the works with a new system that will make the print-on-demand version available through And i finally have time to work on the 4th issue of Sponsor Magazine.

Two Up


The new podcast, SPEAKER IN A BOX Podcast #1 is up

And if you prefer the mobile device access page…

I haven’t decided what day of the week will be the day for hte new podcast… I’m thinking Thursday, so the new meeting is up in time for Friday, when many people need an extra meeting. The format is not perfect, but it’s not a bad meeting.


For the not really good news, RSS Continues to kick my ass and I don’t know when I’ll be able to get iTunes on board. But you can go to the links directly, download the files if you like, and not have to wait for the RSS.

Podcast #4

Okay, Sunday night (on the west coast, at least) and the new podcast is up and working.

This is going a little smoother. Apparently I am not allowed to replace a file with the new version of the page. But if I REMOVE the previous file, the new one plugs in and is immediately available.

So, immediately available:

This show wraps the up Chris R / Miles R Sponsorship talk. The next six are ready to be assembled. Two more people sharing on Sponsorship.

Check the main page (delete the podcast.html) for new goodies available over the next few weeks.

Slowly, it is getting smoother and better. Not a bad thing.