A few choice @%@#! words

Found a typo in the printed copy of GOOD ORDERLY DIRECTION. Went back and it is is the summary, too. Not even a misspelled word. A digit. The digit 2 appeared in one place that it does not belong, And it was in the body of the text, the summary at the back of the book, and in the PDF of the summary posted online.

All have been corrected.

The book will be unavailable, probably until tomorrow afternoon. 


Adjustment to the App

Well, THAT is annoying.

I have been using the Sponsor Magazine App with the pocket format to read along in meetings. I’ve been reading from the cell phone. I also tried with the tablet and discovered the app only works when you can make a web connection – so it i sn’t really an app at all. It is a container for their webpage and, like a web page, must be read from the server.

But it is free and that’s what we can afford just now.

But we know about the limitation. This may be the best contact we have for a while to come.

The Pages are Live

There is anew page for the SPONSOR MAGAZINE PROJECT fundraiser publication – GOOD ORDERLY DIRECTION.

There is a free preview of the direction summary.

The book is available through our private page.


The full artwork for the previously mentioned TOOLS POSTER is on that page for free download.

Links to ALL our projects are available from the page.Image


I’ve got information on a “Tools” poster from Sponsor Magazine. Doing the booklet as a fundraiser, but if people want to get a poster, I can set up a download page for the original art. Then anyone who wants one can print out the 20″x30″ through their local photo shop, WalMart photo center, or whatever. 

No money involved with Sponsor Magazine, but – I’m going to put the poster on my living room wall. Not subtle.

Information will be on the Facebook page:  http://facebook.com/SponsorMagazine



The preview is 72dpi and about 900k. The full version is 300dpi and about 7Megs. Big download.

The Sponsor Magazine Fund Raiser


This is a document that has been circulating for about two years and breaks the Twelve Steps into the individual Actions necessary to ‘work’ each step.

The summary version will be made available in the next few days and will be published in Sponsor Magazine #4, now in edit.

The full version booklet will be put on Amazon and a Create Space page as the fund raiser. 

The full document will be made available as a free download under Create Space sharing. After the next domain fees get paid. If they don’t get paid, the whole project goes away.

The booklet will cost $7, almost half of which will go to sponsormagazine.org – less when the book is purchased through Amazon.com.

Cover is in design and the last edits are being applied – NOT by me (you will be happy to know).

Begging hasn’t worked. I still think there is value in keeping the website, the downloads, the magazine (print and download), the Recovery Reader (print and download), the podcasts and other projects alive. Maybe I will be proven wrong.

Middle of August

Okay, got the notice today for the domain name registry on the website. My previous request for help resulted in a $20 donation, which covers two months of hosting service. If the project can cover its own cost of operation – we’re talking $45 for domains and hosting – by early August. $20 from last round, total of $115 in the past six years. I need to cover increasing costs from a fixed income and the project may need to go if it can’t cover its own costs.

Donation page at http://podcast.sponsormagazine.org, scroll to the bottom.

The new app is up, so download it while you can. “Good Orderly Direction” is going through one more round of edits before final public release.

Tablet, yes.

I downloaded the Meeting format app on the Android tablet. I don’t have access to an iPad, but it does work on the Android 4.1 system… and the larger format means it is even easier to read.

I’m wondering if I should update the app to reflect a re-presentation of the original podcast idea. Short, limited presentations. Like mini-series. Let me stew on that for a bit. I’m thinking of the three part history of the Oxford groups by Jay S. from the original ANONYMOUS REVIEW podcast as a starter.

After all, everybody gets to hear this stuff for the first time.


The App has been up for 36 hours and had 31 downloads. I guess some people do respond to the posts and emails I send out.

I’m going to expand the app and refine some of the coding – downloaders will get free update notices.

I hope it serves the need.

Well, phooey!

The original host with which we had the Sponsor Magazine Pocket Format for smartphones only allowed five people to download the app, and that limit was passed a while ago. If you tried to get it and could not – apologies.

The new service allows as many people as may be interested to download the app. The easiest way is to go to this URL from the device on which you want to install the app (iOS or Android, I’ll have to hear about other platforms).


You can also use the handly little QR block, shown below.


Enjoy. (I hope.)

Now to find out if it works on tablets of the iOS and Android variety…