Correction on the earlier podcasts

We had some good information to replace some information on the blurb for the first four podcasts in the new series.

One of the nice things about a living media is you aren’t stuck with mistakes that last forever.

The first four podcasts will be re-engineered to correct the mistakes – and maybe improve the sound, too. This will NOT interfere with the regular release of the current series… #8 goes up next week and the RSS will reflect the re-engineered episodes.


Something Old, Something New

This is new, but old, too.

SPONSOR MAGAZINE PODCAST #7 is up and ready to be heard.

And this is becoming old hat – the podcast going up every week Sunday night/Monday morning.

This is the second group. Karen C and Chris S in Part 3 of their six part intensive one day workshop; “Working the Steps Through Sponsorship.”

The previous six podcasts are also available by clicking on the PREVIOUS PODCASTS link at the bottom of the new podcast announcement.

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Glad you could join us and hope you will explore what all is offered. More than 80 podcasts (three series), an anthology of writings on AA, Steps and Recovery (RECOVERY READER) and three issues (so far) of SPONSOR MAGAZINE.

All of it, always, free to down load and free to share.

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