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These feeds will work to access the RSS feed directly in Firefox. They can be entered manually into iTunes podcast aggregator. They do NOT work in Chrome or Safari. Don’t know why. I don’t have the knowledge necessary to debug the RSS. Anyone who has that knowledge who would be willing to help out please check the help page.

iTunes will display ALL of the podcasts, BUT NOT IN THE RIGHT ORDER. Very frustrating.






There is a lot going on with the Facebook page. A quick summary here…

The twelfth in the current podcast series is up:

The podcast now has a mobile page, intended for use with tablets and cell phones using iOS or Android. I’m not sure about Blackberry.

The Facebook page ( just hit 30 Like and made some new tools available to me to let people find out about the page. (Yeah, 30 isn’t going to change the world, but it’s still a landmark. Progress, however glacial, is still progress.

I’ll post more when there’s more.

A Benefit of Persistence

I just archived my 108th Podcast. And I have learned to use the sound editor “Audacity” much better. I had to clean up a poor recording for broadcast in the new Sponsor Magazine Podcast.

And I remembered a podcast from the first series of AA History podcasts (ANONYMOUS REVIEW) with Dr. Bob. The sound was dreadful. I applied the same Audacity tricks and now have Dr. Bob’s talk from Michigan, in 1948, and the last recorded talk from the first International in Cleveland in 1950. And they are easy to listen to.

I will go back and re-produce that podcast and replace the old, muffled recording with the new and improved (“Now with Sparkles”) Dr. Bob talks.

But I want to share it here first. If anyone cares to hear it.


The Re-Engineered Dr. Bob Talks

Your Feedback would be helpful.

Gloat gloat

This new production system is working. I just wrapped up #16 and about to do the next set of three. I should really learn how to tie my podcast into my blog. Other people do it.

Sunday I’ll post #6 and I’m very pleased with the way sound has improved over the first four – but the first four have such good information, I’m going to leave them alone and learn the lesson to keep improving the cast.

The way Karen C. and Chris S. present their material is very easy to hear, and the pack a lot into the time they have – even it it was six hours packed into one day.

I am pre-produced up to the second week of February of next year. :o)

Getting Up to Speed

podcast badge

Curiouser and Curiouser

When I downloaded the Miles and Chris R. talks on Sponsorship, they were in five parts. I produced the last of the November shows and discovered that #3 and #4 were only about 30 minutes each.

So I put #3 and #4 together as #2, then Podcast #5 will really be Podcast #4.

To clean house I will produce a 1-off podcast for #5 that will keep the series on the numbering I originally scheduled. And I will start numbering podcasts at the front of each show with #5.

It does feel good that I now have shows a few weeks in advance and have set up a template production file that allows me to adjust the opening and then drop in the talks as they are needed. I also found my USB headset which will my narration better sound.

Look for a new podcast every Sunday night – right after I get home from teaching my class at the Healing Place of Wake County.