Podcast #10 is up.

The last of six sessions with Karen C and Chris S on STEPS THROUGH SPONSORSHIP.

The new website is up with easier access to the previous podcasts in this series (Volume III) and all of the previous podcasts (27 podcasts in Volume I, 50 podcasts in Volume II).

Next, Clancy I. from California with sex separate talks on Sponsorship from different functions over the past 25 years.



The New Website

When I post podcast #9 this coming Sunday I will also launch a complete remake of the website with easier access to the podcasts-to-date and heralding a hot update to the 87 previous podcasts. ‘Hot’ meaning you will not have to go to Archive.org to nab the pdocasts – they will be linked hot to their web page.

At the same time I’m able to continue work on Sponsor Magazine #4.

So it all just chug chug chugs along. Trudge trudge trudge. :o)

ALSO: I have several thousand files (literally) of little pictures from sites on the web and from Facebook. I don’t know where what came from, but I can put the what here. So I’ll start now: