Two Things

It is the first Sunday of the month and the next podcast in the Sponsorship series. Part four of the five part talk on Inventory as a Life Long process with Scott R. This has become one of my favorite series from because it is personal and specific. It may help your sponsees, but it definitely offers the sponsor something worth sharing. Podcast here.

Secondly, there is a special announcement on the future of the Sponsor project. My realities has changed – mostly medical issues – and if the prod cast, magazine or book cannot at least coer its own costs, I will have to give it up. Details here.



Changing to a 5, maybe a 4.

Later tonight I will post the next Sponsor Magazine Podcast and a change will follow.

I have new realities I have to deal with and am possibly dellusional in this project. Only two people respond to the posts, no one has commented to the blog and despite the subscription information that says x number of hits to the page or blog, I’m working in a vaccuum.

So I will step back. I will post a new podcast for Sponsorship on the first Sunday of each month starting in April (so there will be a post next week), and a new podcast for Speaker in a Box on the third Sunday of each month.

This will free me for projects that more clearly reaching an audience and will be tracked through this blog.

But it is my nature that I don’t like change. Of any kind. Even when it means things may imrpove within my new realities. That has not changed. What has changed is I am willing to take the action, make an attempt, but I also review what is happening and make changes that are appropriate. Not 1 or 10 on the scale, but somehwere between the extremes.

If you have gotten anything out of the original Anonymous Review Podcast, the first three issues of Sponsor Magazine, the Recovery Reader, or the other podcasts, I’d like to hear your thoughts on what you get from them, or how they can change.

Losing Jack

I was excited and writing to a few friends to share the good news for the Sponsor Magazine project with someone who encouraged me in the beginning. Jack McCarthy was the author of “Drunks” which sets the tone for Recovery Reader. And was heard in the first volume of the podcast, Anonymous Review (#8). And published again in Sponsor Magazine #1.

I mised him by three days. I knew he wasn’t well, he had cancelled travel plans and we hadn’t exchanged emails for a while. He had a large circle of people – friend, family and fellowship – around Puget Sound. I was barely a distant satellite.

He would have been happy. He told me to just do my work and give up the result.

When I found someone publishing his poem as “Anonymous” (and one where the guy with the website was claiming it as his own) I dropped him a line so he could protect what was his.

This is a different poem. But like many of his works, just some simple truth that sneaks up on you.


Thanks, Jack. You are already missed.

A Benefit of Persistence

I just archived my 108th Podcast. And I have learned to use the sound editor “Audacity” much better. I had to clean up a poor recording for broadcast in the new Sponsor Magazine Podcast.

And I remembered a podcast from the first series of AA History podcasts (ANONYMOUS REVIEW) with Dr. Bob. The sound was dreadful. I applied the same Audacity tricks and now have Dr. Bob’s talk from Michigan, in 1948, and the last recorded talk from the first International in Cleveland in 1950. And they are easy to listen to.

I will go back and re-produce that podcast and replace the old, muffled recording with the new and improved (“Now with Sparkles”) Dr. Bob talks.

But I want to share it here first. If anyone cares to hear it.


The Re-Engineered Dr. Bob Talks

Your Feedback would be helpful.

Bad with Numbers

While reviewing the original podcasts – Anonymous Review and Virtual Speaker Meeting – a problem came up.

Your anonymous host can’t count. We have established that I can’t spell, but counting is not high in my skill set.

For a few years we have said there were 27 episodes of the first Podcast. It turns out at least one of the number was used twice (#19) so all of the first series are being reviewed and we may set up a new archive for those who want to hear the voices of our early members as they describe the evolution of the Program, the Big Book and some of the personalities from the Stories in the Back.

“In their own words, in their own voices” is still true – so don’t panic.



In pre-production for the podcast and it will be best to release them as weekly downloads. There are about 40 in this series and I will produce them in batches, such as generic talks on sponsorship and then whole-sets of Steps-Sponsor talks.

I should probably explain my thinking on that.

In 1939, when the book ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS was first published, there were only three meetings; Akron, New York and Cleveland. The book was NOT a big seller and barely a trickle of books went out of Hank Parkhurst’s New Jersey office. The printer would only release books as Hank or Bill could pay for them. They raised money from the New York drunks to a) survive and b) pay the printer for X number of books at a time.

When the SATURDAY EVENING POSTS article appeared in 1940, AA exploded. From an estimated 800 members they went to thousands. There were not enough sponsors to go around. Traveling salesmen were asked to include individuals requesting the book on their travel plans to provide some personal contact and guidance, but there were just to many people to respond with what we would now call Sponsorship.

Clarence Snyder, who had started the Cleveland meetings, wrote a pamphlet on sponsorship, but in several areas they began to hold newcomer ‘classes’ to take people through the 12-Steps together over four weekly meetings. People began to hold focused big book studies and workshops, like the Joe & Charlie sessions that helped many people with their recovery (and also served as the foundation of Recovery Dynamics from Joe’s Kelly Foundation).

So part of the podcast will be a sample of the four week thru-the-steps sponsors workshop, and Joe McQ of the Joe & Charlie workshops giving his personal way of looking at the Steps. The workshop is four weeks of the podcast, Joe’s Step Study is seven weeks.

The talks from the workshop are taken from SPONSOR 101, a self-paced teaching disk (mentioned earlier in this Blog) and it would be nice if the podcast and the availability of the disk could be synchronized.

So my commitment to you is that both will be made available the first week in November. I will produce series of podcasts together so they can be released on a weekly schedule and hope to stay 4-6 weeks ahead of the releases to allow for any sudden medical adventures (they happen).

So – release date for the SPONSOR MAGAZINE PODCAST and SPONSOR 101 will be the first Sunday in November, and each Sunday after that will be a new Podcast release. The date will be November 4th.

Back to work.