Access Site

I’ve been able to set up a cheaper domain with access to the previous projects. 

  • ANONYMOUS REVIEW podcast – AA History
  • VIRTUAL SPEAKER MEETING podcast – 12-Step Speakers
  • SPONSORSHIP podcast – 12-Step Sponsorship from people with years/decades of experience
  • RECOVERY READER – whole and in part, free download and hardcopy order option.
  • SPONSOR MAGAZINE – magazine – PDF with the three current issues. A fourth issue may appear in 2014. Maybe even a fifth. Also link to hardcopy.
  • INTRODUCTION TO RECOVERY class – the source of all of the projects, a different newcomer’s class given at the Healing Place of Wake County since 2004 with resources, techniques and 24 recordings. Research for this class became the anthology Recovery Reader.
  • TRADITIONS – Experiment in a self-education online ‘class’ to be followed as you see get. Key speakers on the history and application of the Twelve Traditions.
  • SPEAKER DISK – Experiment with a computer disk image containing various speakers which you can listen to through your computer, extract for you MP3 player or burn individually as audio CDs. ISO file.
  • ARCHIVE.ORG – direct links to the various storage sites for most of these projects on the site.

The site is updating and should be available by October 4.



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