Things are calming down. I’m contemplating a one-per-month podcast on the traditions. Fully produced on each with a bunch of comments from different people.

Not committed yet, considering.


Price Reduction and Free Download

The price of GOOD ORDERLY DIRECTIONS print edition through Amazon has been reduced to $4 US,  £2.90 BGP, and 3.45 Euros (Can’t find the Euro symbol in my font). Amazon has a strange calculation on fees translated to other currencies. is the direct link.

The full text can be downloaded for free from or the Temporary Update Page, which also has the summary document, and links to all previous projects as free downloads or print-on-demand editions.

No More Little Books

Print-on-Demand offers a new channel for publishing low print run “niche” publications, but the two small-format (8.5×5.5) booklets have been too expensive in Print on Demand. So, we won’t be doing that again.

The free PDFs will remain available. New short projects will be available in free download format PDF only. A RECOVERY READER is being revised for re-issue, but it still available in paperback and hardback through print-on-demand.

And all of the projects remain available through See the holding page for links to those offerings.

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I was set to cancel all of my web presence because I couldn’t pay the current hosting bill. Grim, but became willing.

I just got off the phone with my hosting company. As I was preparing the bullet to bite, they decided that I had been a good customer for a long time. 2004, to be exact. And they cancelled my bill for the quarter. and will still go away. They mark extra costs I cannot justify, but the cheaper will be reasonable. All previous projects are available as free downloads from (that is the three issues of Sponsor Magazine, Recovery Reader, and 107 podcasts). 

New projects will need to be reality based. And I’m not sure what that means.

But I’m really grateful for this little piece of grace in billing.