Speaker in a Box for May

The Speaker in a Box podcast for May is up. It features an energetic speaker from 2007. Rick M, speaking from Shelbyville. That might be the Shelbyville in Kentucky, or the Shelbyville in Tennessee, or the Shelbyville in Illinois… or somewhere else. But we are pretty sure it was an AA meeting and someone had asked him to speak becaues of his message.


The picture has nothing to do with the podcast. It’s just something I found on the web and like. Don’t know who did it, but they should be congratulated.



The podcast for May

The next in the Sponsor Magazine Podcast is up – #24. Scott R. continues his talk on the Fourth Step Inventory as a lifetime process. 

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Podcasts: four of them, details through the regular link, listed above.

I’ve been busy. I have a few books coming out that require my time and attention. The second edition of A RECOVERY READER is in the works with a new system that will make the print-on-demand version available through Amazon.com. And i finally have time to work on the 4th issue of Sponsor Magazine.