One eMail?

Just because I’m not as focused on the podcasts does not mean I’ve abandoned the Sponsor Magazine project.

We’ve come to a point where we need your feedback to proceed.

We have be re-thinking the magazine. It has been an effort to reach a new audience through flashy graphics and layout (check and have noticed the submissions have been getting more scholarly, researched with serious discussion of the topics around recovery, program history and the sponsorship process.

We consider the free-download absolute bedrock for our Tradition based publishing effort. Always. But for the hard copy offer, we have founda cheaper way of bringing out a 64-page digest or ‘half-page’ format without raising the price.

SPONSOR MAGAZINE #4 was going to be the biggest to date, and was going to increase the price by about a dollar in printed form. Going to the digest means we can lock in a $4.50 price, focus on meaningful content, and keep.

We might even be so old fashioned as to publish the content on the cover – or maybe the back cover, like the old Reader’s Digests.

#4 has two very good articles on the Pre-History of AA and the development of the Narcotics Anonymous program. Several short articles as well.

#5 is coming together.

We can re-present the first three issues into the new format and possibly add new material to what was published before.

But we really need your input on the move from magazine to digest/journal. We aren’t asking too much. You don’t have to post your identity on facebook. One email. What do you say about a less ‘modern’ look in favor of a ‘journal’ presentation?  Send one email with a yes/no on the format change, and provide whatever addition comment you miht be willing to make.

Send email to sponsormagazine at gmail dot com.



Podcast for April

Podcast #23 is up. The next will be released on the first Sunday of each month (next on May 5th). Speaker in a Box will be released on the third Sunday of each month (next on May 18th).

The podcast project may be winding down due to lack of response. Have no idea if anyone is listening, b ut will keep the project pages up until the name registration runs out. I will be doing service work in other arenas.