There are two mobile pages for the Sponsor Magazine project.

Vanilla and with Sprinkles.

Vanilla is a straight text that works on cell phones or tablets. All text – unless you call it up with a full browser, because it detects browser size and gives you a modest graphic bar at the top. Otherwise it is the same.


Sprinkels is a landing page with links to four podcast (three active, the fourth is about a month away). Click on a podcast, get another page with links to either the current podcast with some recent choices, or a few “Editor’s Choice” selections from the previous podcasts.

Sprinkles site:



Losing Jack

I was excited and writing to a few friends to share the good news for the Sponsor Magazine project with someone who encouraged me in the beginning. Jack McCarthy was the author of “Drunks” which sets the tone for Recovery Reader. And was heard in the first volume of the podcast, Anonymous Review (#8). And published again in Sponsor Magazine #1.

I mised him by three days. I knew he wasn’t well, he had cancelled travel plans and we hadn’t exchanged emails for a while. He had a large circle of people – friend, family and fellowship – around Puget Sound. I was barely a distant satellite.

He would have been happy. He told me to just do my work and give up the result.

When I found someone publishing his poem as “Anonymous” (and one where the guy with the website was claiming it as his own) I dropped him a line so he could protect what was his.

This is a different poem. But like many of his works, just some simple truth that sneaks up on you.


Thanks, Jack. You are already missed.


There is a lot going on with the Facebook page. A quick summary here…

The twelfth in the current podcast series is up:

The podcast now has a mobile page, intended for use with tablets and cell phones using iOS or Android. I’m not sure about Blackberry.

The Facebook page ( just hit 30 Like and made some new tools available to me to let people find out about the page. (Yeah, 30 isn’t going to change the world, but it’s still a landmark. Progress, however glacial, is still progress.

I’ll post more when there’s more.

Additional Resources

Sponsor Magazine has a page on Issu, a magazine and other publications resource site. All three issues of Sponsor, the book Recovery Reader and the 4th Step Inventory guide “Simple Directions” are all available there. And I have about 30 other publications of interest, including Six Nights with the Washingtonians, What is the Oxford Group?, Soul Surgery, Common Sense of Drinking, How It Worked and more.

This first page is a new resource, PROGRAM OF ACTION, which divides the work of the step into the individual actions necessary to ‘work the steps’. Free. Read online or download.

Addenda: Hmm. Checking the link does NOT allow you browse the other files I shared, but you can if you go to:


Podcast #10 is up.

The last of six sessions with Karen C and Chris S on STEPS THROUGH SPONSORSHIP.

The new website is up with easier access to the previous podcasts in this series (Volume III) and all of the previous podcasts (27 podcasts in Volume I, 50 podcasts in Volume II).

Next, Clancy I. from California with sex separate talks on Sponsorship from different functions over the past 25 years.


77 Podcasts added

I tried to do something – and it worked.

All 77 of the previous podcasts are available. They are imperfect, but have some value.

  • VOLUME 1 – The AA History podcast from Anonymous Review. “In their own words, in their own voices”.  (27 episodes).
  • VOLUME 2 – Virtual Speaker Meeting. Click on a name and get an on-demand speaker meeting. (50 episodes)

The new page design works.

Podcast #9 of the current series is up.

Tell your friends. Or tell your enemies – it really messes with their head.