New Site – Podcast #9 is up

The website has been simplified. The previous two volumes of the cast have been made available through their own webpages.

The simplified website link is

The RSS is being updated and should be up on Monday. You can find it through the Podcast section of the iTunes Apple Store link, podcast section. You can add the RSS directly to an aggregator (If you do such things) as


The New Website

When I post podcast #9 this coming Sunday I will also launch a complete remake of the website with easier access to the podcasts-to-date and heralding a hot update to the 87 previous podcasts. ‘Hot’ meaning you will not have to go to to nab the pdocasts – they will be linked hot to their web page.

At the same time I’m able to continue work on Sponsor Magazine #4.

So it all just chug chug chugs along. Trudge trudge trudge. :o)

ALSO: I have several thousand files (literally) of little pictures from sites on the web and from Facebook. I don’t know where what came from, but I can put the what here. So I’ll start now:


Podcast #8 is up

Part 4 of 8, Karen C and Chris S “Working the Steps thru Sponsorship” continues.

So far the podcast has gone up every Sunday night/Monday morning since #1. I am produced several weeks ahead and will go back to correct the opening of the first four to reflect new and corrected information.

Next week the web page will be updated with a new format and a complete set of links to other sites. And there is a new page up for collaboration.

There are two projects that need some help. The whole of this project for Recovery has been based on collaboration. Past authors, speakers, personal friends in recovery … so far over 30 people are represented in Sponsor Magazine and the Recovery Reader. 

Please check this page to see if you may have some helpful input for ELEMENTS OF RECOVERY or PROGRAM OF ACTION.


A Benefit of Persistence

I just archived my 108th Podcast. And I have learned to use the sound editor “Audacity” much better. I had to clean up a poor recording for broadcast in the new Sponsor Magazine Podcast.

And I remembered a podcast from the first series of AA History podcasts (ANONYMOUS REVIEW) with Dr. Bob. The sound was dreadful. I applied the same Audacity tricks and now have Dr. Bob’s talk from Michigan, in 1948, and the last recorded talk from the first International in Cleveland in 1950. And they are easy to listen to.

I will go back and re-produce that podcast and replace the old, muffled recording with the new and improved (“Now with Sparkles”) Dr. Bob talks.

But I want to share it here first. If anyone cares to hear it.


The Re-Engineered Dr. Bob Talks

Your Feedback would be helpful.

Correction on the earlier podcasts

We had some good information to replace some information on the blurb for the first four podcasts in the new series.

One of the nice things about a living media is you aren’t stuck with mistakes that last forever.

The first four podcasts will be re-engineered to correct the mistakes – and maybe improve the sound, too. This will NOT interfere with the regular release of the current series… #8 goes up next week and the RSS will reflect the re-engineered episodes.

Something Old, Something New

This is new, but old, too.

SPONSOR MAGAZINE PODCAST #7 is up and ready to be heard.

And this is becoming old hat – the podcast going up every week Sunday night/Monday morning.

This is the second group. Karen C and Chris S in Part 3 of their six part intensive one day workshop; “Working the Steps Through Sponsorship.”

The previous six podcasts are also available by clicking on the PREVIOUS PODCASTS link at the bottom of the new podcast announcement.

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SPONSOR MAGAZINE PODCAST is also available through iTunes for your MP3 player, iTunes, iPod or iPad. You will be able to find it by searching the iTunes directory, or with this link.

The podcast can be accessed for other podcast aggregators (such as Juice or several Android podcast apps) directly through:

Glad you could join us and hope you will explore what all is offered. More than 80 podcasts (three series), an anthology of writings on AA, Steps and Recovery (RECOVERY READER) and three issues (so far) of SPONSOR MAGAZINE.

All of it, always, free to down load and free to share.

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Bad with Numbers

While reviewing the original podcasts – Anonymous Review and Virtual Speaker Meeting – a problem came up.

Your anonymous host can’t count. We have established that I can’t spell, but counting is not high in my skill set.

For a few years we have said there were 27 episodes of the first Podcast. It turns out at least one of the number was used twice (#19) so all of the first series are being reviewed and we may set up a new archive for those who want to hear the voices of our early members as they describe the evolution of the Program, the Big Book and some of the personalities from the Stories in the Back.

“In their own words, in their own voices” is still true – so don’t panic.